Research & Projects

Research themes

  • Systems and Control
    • Collective Motions, Dynamics and Control of Juggling, Optimization on manifolds, Rhythms and oscillators, Nonlinear control (more info)
  • Stochastic Methods
    • Machine Learning: decision trees, bayesian networks, reinforcement learning, variance reduction
    • Computer Vision: image classification, retrieval
    • Monte-Carlo methods: simulation, optimization, variance reduction
  • Bioinformatics and System Biology
  • Power Systems
    • Stability: voltage stability, transient stability, small-signal stability
    • Security: probabilistic security assessment, preventive security, emergency control
    • Energy markets: modeling, simulation


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Conferences and journals

A browsable conference calendar in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Bioinformatics.

A list of journals in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Bioinformatics: