Lutteri's publications with Systems and Modeling

Dominique deSeny, Marianne Fillet, Clio Ribbens, Raphaël Marée, Marie-Alice Meuwis, Laurence Lutteri, Jean-Paul Chapelle, Louis Wehenkel, Edouard Louis, Marie-Paule Merville, Michel Malaise
Clinical Chemistry, Volume 54, Number 6, page 1066-1075 - June 2008

Marie-Alice Meuwis, Marianne Fillet, Laurence Lutteri, Raphaël Marée, Pierre Geurts, Dominique deSeny, Michel Malaise, Jean-Paul Chapelle, Louis Wehenkel, Jacques Belaiche, Marie-Paule Merville, Edouard Louis
Clinical Biochemistry, Volume 41, Number 12, page 960-967 - Aug 2008
Marie-Alice Meuwis, Marianne Fillet, Pierre Geurts, Dominique deSeny, Laurence Lutteri, Jean-Paul Chapelle, Vincent Bours, Louis Wehenkel, Jacques Belaiche, Michel Malaise, Edouard Louis, Marie-Paule Merville
Biochemical Pharmacology, Volume 73, Number 9, page 1422--1433 - May 2007
Dominique deSeny, Marianne Fillet, Marie-Alice Meuwis, Pierre Geurts, Laurence Lutteri, Clio Ribbens, Vincent Bours, Louis Wehenkel, Jacques Piette, Michel Malaise, Marie-Paule Merville
Arthritis and Rheumatism, Volume 52, Number 12, page 3801--3812 - nov 2005