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Welcome to the Instrumentation Laboratory.

This laboratory is part of the EMMI research Unit of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Engineering Faculty (FSA) - University of Liège (ULg).

This page includes a description of the laboratory activities connected with teaching, research and services to the community, as well as a list of the laboratory staff and some useful links.

NEWS: One of our on-going projects deals with the flash sintering of ceramics (FLASHSINT) and is financed by FEDER (Fonds européen de développement régional - European Regional Development Fund) and the Structural Funds of the Walloon Government.

    FLASHSINT : Validation FLASH SINTering as an ultrafast and low-energy densification technology

The project FLASHSint aims the validation of the new flash sintering technology at lab and pilot scale.
This technique of rapid densification is very recent but could eventually revolutionize the processes of elaboration of materials and ceramic pieces. In fact, flash sintering has enormous potential in terms of drastically reducing the energy costs associated with the cooking stages (potential reductions of more than 30% of costs have been put forward). In practice, flash sintering can be summarized as conventional sintering in the presence of an electric field. The presence of this electric field induces, once a critical temperature is reached, a temperature significantly lower than the usual sintering temperature, the complete densification of the object in a few seconds (instead of a few hours at significantly higher temperatures). The first publications reporting this phenomenon are only a few years old, but the applicability of this approach has already been demonstrated for several types of materials, in particular zirconia.
This project is based on the skills and expertise of two beneficiaries: the Centre de Recherche de l'Industrie Belge de la Céramique (CRIBC), the scientific coordinator of this component, and two departments of the Montefiore Institute of the University of Liège (ULg/ACE and ULg/EMMI).

Total cost: 696243.34 € including ERDF: 278497.33 € and Wallonia: 417746.01 €